Intro “12 Car” Table Top Rally – Have a go!

Whilst digging through his archives Nick Skuse recently came across this 12 Car Rally which was put together by former ECMC member Phil Holmes.  It includes notes on how to decipher each of the clue types on the route cards and we thought it would be an excellent beginners table top rally for you to try. The actual event was run in April 1981(!) and on the day it was won by R Thomas and D Roberts in an Allegro.

Nick dug out his OS 156 Map and with 1 minor tweak to the herringbone diagram on Route Card 4 it still plots perfectly.

So sharpen your soft pencil, download the file below and dig out your copy of map 156 to see if you can plot it too. We’ll post the plotted route in a couple of weeks for you to check against and see how you did.

Good luck!